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There is no single perfect way to manage all the projects. Nothing like a master key that fits all projects. Assessing the project based on factors like complexity, stakeholders, timelines, and business need and then choosing the aptest approach is wise Project Management.

Project Management can be broadly classified into 3 approaches

  1. PREDICTIVE : A more traditional approach where the project goals, requirements, and constraints are understood mostly upfront during the planning stages and plans are developed accordingly. Those plans drive the project forward.
  2. ADAPTIVE : A more change-driven approach with greater customer collaboration to determine the project needs and…

Before we attempt to understand what is Agile, we must understand what AGILE is NOT.

AGILE is NOT a Protocol or Methodology or Technique or Technology or Machine.


It is an umbrella of many other frameworks and methodologies which serve as a guideline but it can be (in fact must be) Tailored to fit your Organization/Project/Team.

There is a significant difference between Doing Agile, which is to follow all the Agile prescribed practices and ensuring that your team aligns to it too, and Being Agile which is to have and coach an Agile Mindset, to embrace…

Jyoti P

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